Best free blogging platform for Bloggers.

If you are looking for Best free blogging platform for Bloggers, then you are at right place. In this article, we are going to see a list of Best free blogging platforms.

Let’s get started,

If you are thinking to start a new blog, you need to select first the best blogging platform to host your blog online. 

Next Condition is whether you go for the free blogging platform or Paid blogging platform. each one has their own pros and cons. everything depends upon your financial backup. So if you don’t have enough money to go for a paid blogging platform. you should go for the list of Best free blogging platform for Bloggers below. 

Infographic: Best free blogging platform | List of Best free blogging platform for Bloggers | best blogging platform to make money | list of blog sites | popular personal blog sites |
Infographic: Best free blogging platform

List of Best free blogging platform for Bloggers.

1) Blogger: 

Blogger is one of the best free blogging platforms, I ever see in my blogging experience. It is the self-hosted blogging platform. This is one of the oldest blogging platforms. Blogger is run by Google. So you just need a Google account to start with blogger. log in with your Google id and your blog will run online in seconds. Google takes care of all technicals issues. also, carry heavy traffic. 

Website Link:


1.  Easy to use and manage your blog.

2.  Free Custom templates available.

3.  You can use your custom domain for blogger blog.

4.  blogger has inbuild blog stats feature.

5.  It’s totally free.  

6.  You can make money from your blog with blogger monetization feature.


1.  You are not able to use external plugins.

2.  No frequent updates & no frequently feature added.

3.  It is so outdated blogging platform as compare to modern once like WordPress.

2) is one of the modern blogging platform available for bloggers. This is the best and most popular blogging platform in today’s date. you just need to signup at and after some customization options, your blog will be ready. WordPress provides you with lots of customization features. It’s easy to manage your blog.

 [Tip: Don’t be confused between and they both have different from each other. is free hosted on their own server & is paid hosted blogging platform.]

Website Link:


1.  Easy to customize your blog.

2.  It is hosted by WordPress, so it’s free to use.

3.  Hundreds of free themes available for different niche blogs.

4.  Inbuild stats and social sharing features included.


1.  You can not able to monetize your blog.

2.  WordPress will add their subdomain in your website link(

3.  you are not allowed to use a custom domain.

4.  Not allowed to use custom themes & third-party plugins.

5.  You don’t own your blog because it’s under rights of policies. they can show ads on your blog without your permission & without sharing your single revenue.

3) is the newest blogging platform. You can create a website by answering a few questions about how you want to design your website, and your website will be get created automatically by Wix ADI. Also, you can select from the ready-made templates. 

Here you can follow how to create the website with Wix:

List of Best free blogging platform for Bloggers | best blogging platform to make money | list of blog sites | popular personal blog sites |

Website Link:


1.  More than 500+ themes available for website building.

2.  Easy to set up and design website.

3.  No need for extra skills, You can use Wix ADI option.

4.  They also have a free plan available. 

5.  Great support team.


1.  They have so many limitations in the free plan.

2.  you are not allowed to use a custom domain with the free plan.

3.  This is not a dedicated blogging platform.

4.  You can not able to monetize your blog in the free plan.

4) Tumblr:

Tumblr is not the professional blogging platform, Basically Its a micro-blogging platform and social media network. With Tumblr, you can share whatever you want to share on it. Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, fashion, art, deep stuff etc. You can follow other blogs. Also, share their blogs on your profile. As per Tumblr, They have 434 million different blogs, filled with literally whatever. This is the best community-based blogging platform.

Website Link:


1.  Tumblr is totally free for use.

2.  Easy to use. lots of free guides available.

3.  You can use the custom domain without paying single money.

4.  Android and ios app is available for blogging from your smartphones.

5.  You can schedule your posts.

6.  You can post any media formats like Text, Image, Video, Audio, etc.


1.  It has limited features compared to other blogging platforms.

2.  Tumblr is not for you if you have thinking to start a business blog.

3.  You are not allowed to monetize your blog.

4.  You are not able to use plugins.

5.  Lots of themes are paid.

5) Weebly:

Weebly is one of the easiest blogging platforms to create a website and online store builder. It provides you with free web-hosting and also provides you with SEO and designed templates. You can create your website or online store in a minute with the help of drag and drop option.

Some of the features of Weebly:

features of Weebly | List of Best free blogging platform for Bloggers | best blogging platform to make money | list of blog sites | popular personal blog sites |
features of Weebly

Website Link:


1.  No coding skills required because of the drag and drop option available.

2.  Weebly has more features like adding contact forms, Surveys, advertisements on sidebar etc.

3.  You can create multiple websites for free.

4.  You will get a free SSL certificate.

5.  SEO optimization.

6.  Weebly templates have responsive designs.

7.  Good Customer support team.


1.  You cant able to use a custom domain, you need to purchase premium plans for a custom domain.

2.  Weebly shows their credit link at the footer of the website.

3.  You are not able to add third-party features (custom themes, third-party plugins).

4.  Limited storage.

6) Medium: is a simple and clean blogging platform. Medium has a community of professional and beginner writers and has plenty of readers. You can use it with your Twitter account. They only care about the quality of articles and the interaction of readers with the article. is only for quality writers not for advertisers. Here you are not allowed to share sponsor contents. Pop-up ads, contact forms, banners not allowed. The purpose is to provide clean articles to readers.

Website Link:


1.  They provide you with a chance to reach an existing community of readers of the same niche.

2.  You just need to write an article, Medium will take cares of the design of your blog.

3.  Easy and free to use.

4.  You can make money from your articles too. You need to join Medium partner program.


1.  There is no design and customization option available for your blog.

2.  Every blog has the same look and design.

3.  You are not able to add third-party features (custom themes, third-party plugins).

4.  Not able to show advertisements or any banner in your blog.

5.  You are not able to use the custom domain for your blog.

Final words:

The above list shows you the Best free blogging platform for Bloggers. each blogging platform has pros/cons. so before choosing any blogging platform, Firstly decide what are your basic needs for your blog? and which blogging platform can fulfil your needs. You can also try out these best blogging platforms once. so you can decide which one you should select. you can also suggest us other blogging platforms in the comment section and don’t forget to tell us which blogging platform you love most.

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