How to make money blogging for beginners in 2020-2021.

Learn the easiest ways of How to make money blogging for beginners in 2020-2021

Nowadays everywhere is Blogging…Blogging…Blogging.

But basically “what is blogging?” 

At whatever point we open YouTube or different websites. We saw varieties of videos or articles on ”make money blogging”, “I made 1000$ with blogging” and you are probably thinking that what is blogging? So let me clear this for you. If you have no idea what these terms mean or you know the basics but want to learn more then you are reading the perfect article. I will attempt to clear all your questions about blogging in this article.

So how about we begin with the starting “What is a Blogging?”

According to Wikipedia

How-to-make-money-blogging-for-beginners-in-2020-2021 | What is a Blogging | Blog Definition | Blogging platforms | Exact blog meaning |
What is a Blogging?

So as per Wikipedia, Blog means a personal website on which individuals write an article on their favourite topics.

If you google “Blog” you will get millions of searches. millions of definitions about “What is blogging?” 

How-to-make-money-blogging-for-beginners-in-2020-2021 | What is a Blogging | Blog Definition | Blogging platforms | Exact blog meaning |
What is a Blogging?

Still, you confused about Blogging? 

If Yes, Then read my simple and easy to understand the definition of Blogging. So you as a newbie in blogging can get it easily or you can likewise share this article with the individual who is searching for what is blogging?

Lets Start,

“Blog” name originates from “Weblog”, Which mean a data website which is refreshed consistently.

The blog is a journal/Journal which is refreshed by a man known as a Blogger. Some of them are private, but many of them are available on the search engine for others to read.

In a long time ago, individuals use to blog and that too without computerized innovation. How? individuals used to write their thoughts or feelings in a journal sort of book. They used to write their everyday routine and furthermore about their hobbies, particular circumstances or occasions and so on. In any case, today, in this computerized world, individuals began making sites(Blogs) with the assistance of numerous online platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Tumblr and so many.

Blogs have different topics. My blog is on “Make money online”, where I teach you different methods of making money online. Bloggers are making a blog on a topic they are passionate about.

There are three main categories of blogs, let me give you a short overview.

1) Personal Blog: 

A blog is written by an individual. The topics vary from solutions of problems to the discussion on the sports matches and political topics. this blogs basically created to share individuals opinions and thoughts to peoples.

2) Professional Blog: 

A blog used as a Profession by an individual. Main Purpose of Professional blogs is making money from it. It may look similar to personal blogs.  Professional bloggers write articles on topic peoples are interested to read and monetize there blog to make money from it. This monetizes strategies may include display advertisements on blogs or selling other peoples products as an affiliate.

3) Business Blog:   

A business blogger talks about subjects identifying with his or her industry.  a business blog is nothing but the online portfolio of the company. which describe details information of the product and services they are providing. 

So we are done with what is blogging, now let’s see how you can make money from it.

How to make money blogging for beginners

Blogging has advanced as a calling nowadays. Blogging isn’t just to share your thoughts or information with whatever is left of the world yet additionally used to make money from it. 

There are thousands of peoples are making millions of dollars from their blogs. All you have to do is update content on your blog regularly and share it on social platforms. after months your blog will be popular and you will have thousands of traffic on your blog daily. and you can use this traffic to make money blogging.

So there are so many ways to make money from your blog. One of the easiest methods is to get money for showing ads on your blog. There’s a program called Google AdSense. Where you sign-up and present your blog. And after that Google will put its ads on your blog. At whatever point your blog visitors or blog guests taps(clicks) on these ads, Google will begin paying you. Google AdSense is the best advertising platform for bloggers. There are so many advertising companies available to make money by showing their ads on your blog.

What Professional Bloggers Says about Blogging.

Neil Patel

“ Blog is a channel where you share your thoughts. Think of it as a public journal, diary, or even book. You can share personal thoughts, quick updates, or even educate others on what you learned. What you publish is up to you, but I recommend that everyone try to at least blog for 6 months. Why? Because it is a great way to get feedback from others. In which people can leave comments and give you advice.” – Neil Patel

Amy Lynn Andrews 

“Blogs are the new resume, the new business card, the new marketing brochure or advertising billboard and they’re quickly becoming a source of excellent income for many.” – Amy Lynn Andrews 

– Harsh Agrawal

“I’m Harsh Agrawal a Professional Blogger from India and an engineer by education. I started Blogging just after college and it was all out of curiosity and because of my hunger to learn more. I work from home from last 4 years and it has been an amazing journey for me. I learned new things every day, meet awesome people every day in the form of readers, get to learn about the latest technology and web stuff.” – Harsh Agrawal

I covered everything about How to make money blogging for beginners in 2020-2021 in this article.  If you still have any question left in your mind, Please feel free to ask. You can comment below, I will reply to you asap. Thanks for reading.

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